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6 Garment Closures You Must Have

When you are sewing something special and you want to add some other features in that project too then there must be a requirement of closures. In the industrial work, the tailors usually use the best heavy duty sewing machine for home use to add closures on the dresses neatly. You must keep involve yourself into the practice of adding closures to the dress.

Closures are just not an important part of sewing but it also provides the stability and looks to your whole project. Today we are going to talk about a few important closures which must always be in your kit to use them in anything. Visit https://craftsselection.com/best-heavy-duty-sewing-machine-reviews/ if you want to know more about the heavy duty sewing machines.


Hooks are the most traditional and common form of closures. We normally use these in shirts, gown or in pants sometimes. They come in various styles and shapes as well as easy to connect to the fabric. It also helps in filling the gap between the two edges in the fabric and provides fitting to the dress at the time of wearing.


Sewing hooks

Usually, people add hooks with the zipper to provide more stability to the dress. If you want to get comfortable with the stitching of the closures, then you need to start stitching them and learn a few technical things while working on them. Have a few basic kinds of closures in your kit all the time.


Buttons are the common form of closure and they also come in different sizes and styles. Some of the buttons are big and some are commonly small which can also be stitched with the sewing machine. Buttons are always a fantastic addition to any project and in few of the shirts, people just add buttons to enhance the look of the project they are working on.

If you are going to prepare something for the sewing catalog then I prefer to add buttons over it for the decoration purpose. You can choose the texture and pattern of the button according to the look of the project. I always find buttons too fascinating and beautiful as a closure. Keep 2-3 different kinds of a button in your sewing kit.


The most common type of garment closure is zippers and sewers like to use it because it’s easy to sew it with the hidden technique and it always adds beauty to the work. The zipper is known as one of the most durable and long lasting ways to secure the clothing and to provide right fitting to the dress. It also helps in adjusting the project every time.

There are so many zippers available in the market like an invisible zipper, exposed zipper, long and short zipper etc. There are several ways to install the zipper into the clothing but I prefer to use zigzag and hidden zipper most of the time. Sometimes to prominent the area and sometimes to provide strength and fitting to the dress. Keep different types of zippers in your sewing kit so you can use it at the time of going through any fitting issues.


Snaps are the small connected button you must have seen in the vintage clothing used as a closure. If you are sewing something like a bag or dress then the snaps are necessary to use to indicate the vintage style. Now you can also see the snaps in the modern clothing as well as in the baby clothing for most of the time.


Sewing snaps

I always keep one pack of snap in my sewing kit in case of an emergency or when I have to add additional buttons in some dress. These are also the hidden buttons which give secret closure to the project. Whenever I sew some vintage dress by best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners, I always use snaps as a closure to give the right theme to the whole project.

Closure Ties:

You must have seen the closure ties in the bathrobe and other dresses which requires the fitting of the waist. Usually, ties are known as the second type of closure to keep the clothing secure as the second option. In some of the dresses where fitting from the waist is necessary, sewers usually use the closure ties and keep the fabric layer closer.

You can find this closure ties in most of the garments like robes, frocks, and dresses which needs to be stick to the body. Usually, ties are used to decorate the skirt and shirt as well. In some of the projects, I use ties to make it look luxurious and you can use it in contrast. If you will look at the 80’s style then people used to add ties to the dresses for the decoration purpose.


Brooch is not that common closure but usually, people like to use it in the fancy dress to enhance the look of the dress. Brooch usually gets stitched with the fabric by hand. In some of the brooches, there is a pin behind which helps in closing the two ends of the fabric in the best possible way. You must have seen this closure in the scarves.

If you will have a closer look at the gowns then you can see at the front. Brooch is also known as the second type of closure because people don’t like to use it directly. The advantage of using brooch is that you can always unwind it from one dress and can attach it to another one according to the theme of the project.


Closures are the important part when you want to add something special to enhance the look of the dress. If you have already prepared the sewing kit for yourself then don’t forget to add the closures in it as they can always add beauty to the project. Keep extra closures in your sewing kit and I prefer to use neutral colors.

You can sew closure in the dress with the help of best basic sewing machine and visit https://www.scoop.it/t/best-sewing-machine-for-beginners-basic-sewing-machine-review for amazing information about the sewing machines and complete guidance.