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  1. "Good. Now can you hop back onto the table and I'll check your muscle tone and flexibility" he instructed.

    "Muscle tone?" she queried as she straightened up and went back over to the table. "Haven't you just tested my flexibility?"

    "Only partially" he assured her. "I need to check out some other things". She shrugged and hopped onto the table. "Sit lengthways near to the bottom with your feet fully on the top please" he asked.

    Beth swung her legs round, conscious that her skirt swished up a little as she did so, hoping that he wouldn't spot that she was wearing stockings. She sat up and smoothed down her skirt as he approached and stood beside her. She was nervous as he looked down her front at her cleavage, still showing between her slightly open blouse. He moved to her legs  4kporn asian porn

    "Now can you bend one knee up please, and move your foot close to you?" he asked her. She leant back, supported on her arms as she bent her nearest leg up, causing her short skirt to ruck up a little. "Good. Now the other one." She straightened her first leg then bent the other one up. This time, because of the new angle of the rucked-up skirt, he could see a tantalising glimpse of white stocking lace high up on her creamy thigh.

    "Good" he breathed. "You can put your leg back down again. Now I want you to lie flat on the table and stretch your arms up in the air. Yes, like that." Beth wasn't quite sure what these exercises were trying to show him, but she desperately wanted to pass this medical, so followed his instructions. She knew her breasts were thrusting up against the blouse, held in her underwired lace bra, and that her short skirt only just covered her stocking tops  hot cams

    He then asked her to stretch out her arms to the sides and then straight up over her head where they stuck out beyond the top of the table. The doctor went around to the top of the table and gently held her wrists. "I'm just going to stretch you a little OK?" She nodded meekly as the doctor tugged gently, testing her arms' muscle tone presumably.