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"H-Hey?" Felix looks down, noticing Blake's odd motions, "Are you ok?"

"MrrrRRRMM!" The phantom forces himself into consciousness again and takes over to gulp down Felix's load until his lips leave that smooth pelvis and licking the underside of the small rod clean.

"That was fucking great. You weRErrrRRRrrr fucktastic." Bloke smiles and stutters as he tries to suppress the pressure in his head as he pulls up Felix's undies, "Let me get that for ya." Felix blushes and chuckles as Bloke kisses his Spider-Man package a few times before pulling up Felix's jeans and standing back up.

"Uh, what about you? You're still hard. Don't you-" Felix is interrupted by a very hot kiss. He moans and rubs Bloke's sides as he loses himself in the thorough lip lock.

Blake forces back in, blinking awake as NOW he's making out with a MAN! "MM... MM-mm! Mm-MM!" Blake's insides sink as he feels the chill of the ghost race in his limbs. He squeals and his arms seize around Felix as the poltergeist's energy spazzes Blake's legs and pelvis.

"Mmllmm-mmrrmmm" Felix irked awkwardly as Blake starts to hump his front like an electric crazy person, "Mghaah, hheggh, rmmll,"

"Mmggh! Mmggh!" Blake grunts and moans into Felix's mouth as Blake's pants rub everywhere on his cock. That, and the wild humping makes him lose track of holding his focus as his member gets pleasured into overdrive. His brows furrow and he clenches his eyes shut as a climax makes its way through.

"MMGHH! MMHH! MMMHHHG" Blake shoves his hips hard on Felix's lap as a dark blotch forms from the jock jizzing his pants. The forceful and intense orgasm rolls in the afterglow and allows the ghost to loom back over his brain. His brown eyes go back to cyan as Bloke regains his posture.

"Sorry bout that." He grins at the flustered cutie boy, "Sometimes I just get wild and nuts when I'm with a guy."

"Heh, ahahehah, yeah, cool, I get it." Felix nods, still feeling rather awkward

"So." Bloke cracks his neck a little before patting at Felix's arms, "Would love stay and get freaky with you, but your pals are waiting for ya. 'Sides, I got stuff and other guys to do  best manga

"Ok. But... Any chance we can do this again?? Like, some other time or something?"

"Tell ya what. I come around here bout once a week or two." Bloke grins as he reaches both hands down and gives a few hard grabs at Felix's rump, making him grunt and moan a bit with each hard and big pinch between Bloke's thumbs and four-fingers "If I see ya round here, I'll drop everything I'm doing and play with your butt some more. It's fun as fuck!"

"Heh, o-ok..." Felix gets hot in the face as Bloke parts ways.

"Now get outta here and tell your friends you just got your dicked sucked like a fuckin pro." He lets Felix loose and slaps his rear again.

"O-Ok! See you later!"

"Heh heh, next time, bubble buhhh..." Bloke irks and bobs his head as his face takes on a very awkward and bizarre expression, staggering in his stance as he feels 'it' again. "Bubble buuuuuuhhhhtt" Bloke says oddly as his throat lets out a slightly cartoonish tone. He loses focus and flops his face about, coughing some glowing mist before he continues on.

"Ok... Stay cool, Polter. I-I uh mean Bloke." Bloke mumbles to himself as he strides away, "Stay hold of him, you got this, come on..." Bloke struts down the avenue, "He's a fuckin jock. They're not smart. He's a dumbass. He's not gonna..."

Bloke frowns as his body undulates wildly. His pelvis thrusts and made his torso curve before his chest puffs out and his arms waggle stiffly in one fluid wave of motion. His mouth chortles like his just at a very weird vegetable as his jaws click and irk and his body jerks and wobbles several times more.

"Uh-oh..." The possessed male utters, right before his eyes roll up as his torso and arms jiggle from a forceful internal reflux.

Blake's eyes then return to normal color as he looks around, "What the fuck- Where am I?? What-" His torso lurches before his eyes shift back to cyan.

"Oh no ya don't," Says Polter's cocky voice, as he grasps onto a telephone pole, "I'm not gonna... UuuRRrbbbLLL" His eyes roll up again as his head shakes like mad, making him babble with his lips bouncing about.

"Boobb boo-booblaAAAmmuuubbuuawwll! GUUUb babab! BllbbboollUUUbbbRRUH!" Blake yelps out as he fights back into consciousness. He takes a look around and sees the brightly lit gay clubs and raunchy displays around him, "Fuck, you are NOT gonna turn me into some fa... Fah..."

Then his brain feels light-headed again. He knows what's coming next. He can't control his body.

His eyes cross as he dons a very toothy shit-eating grin. Out of his control, he turns around and starts grinding the pole into his tighty-packed denim ass.

A few guys walk by, snickering as Black starts playing with his nipples like a horny goofy cartoon. "Whoa, what's with him?" Asks one of the strangers.

"Probably some stripper on a huge high hot my free cams
"Should we get him to a hotel or hospital or something?"

"Naw, he's just goofing off." They laugh it off just before Blake snaps out of it, having been fully conscious up to the point where he stops grinding his ass into the pole and looking like an idiot.

"Fffffshit, fuck YYOOU! I am NOT..." Blake clenches his eyes shut and tries to force the ghost out of his body as hard as he can. "GGHHHHH! I'm not taking this..." Blake pants a few times, like he's trying to take a huge dump. "HHHHHGGGGGG" He clenches and tenses his entire body as he gags forcefully in an attempt to expel the entity.

'Whoa whoa whoa!' Polter irks as he feels the human's willpower start to attack him, 'I don't think ya really know what you're doing, buddy!'

"What- A-Ahh!" Blake, still straining like he's passing a stone, looks down to see his cock fly out of his zipper and start to shoot off clear piss like a hose! "Ah! Hey!" Blake's hands go to his cock, but he feels his hands and forearms get cold again as be grabs his member with both hands and start whipping and circling his liquid arch about. Next his lips get cold before he starts whooping out of his check.

"WOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOOOOOOO!" Twirling pee spirals for a few giggling spectators, Blake felt enough control to tuck his dick back into his tight pants and irk a few times.