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Are you bored? Are you stressed with all the crazy work you have to do? Well you can screw them, because stress is not good for your mental health at all. In fact, spend some time and play these outstanding best new online games - fun and free to play and relax your mind instead!
Catlateral Damage
Want to be a cat? Now’s your chance!
Do you have a cat? If you do, then you must know the feeling of coming home and find a bunch of your stuff lying all over the place or got knocked off the table/shelf. Heck, you’ve seen it for so many times you don’t even bother calling the cops to come to your house to investigate, because you already know who the perpetrator is: your furry little feline friend, that’s who. Why are cats such jerks anyway? Knocking stuff out of their places, scratching everything everytime they feel a little itchy in their claws, and somehow they always get away with it! Do you want to know why cats like doing so much? No? well now here’s your chance because you will get to act like one. Welcome to Catlateral Damage, a first-person point of view cat simulator, the type of game that you have never seen anywhere before! You will pick the cat you like and start running around, knocking stuff off to the ground and cause crazy havoc that no cat can ever do. See the world from the eyes of your cats! Soon you will find out that knocking stuff over isn’t as easy as you thought, as you have to smash enough objects and earn enough points to progress to the next level. Although the next “level” is just more stuff to wreck and you play in the same house every time, it’s still great because it feels like there is a miserable hooman cleaning up after your mess every time you have some fun. For more fun games like this one, don’t forget to check other free online games for pc to play now.
Typing Karaoke
How fast do you think you can type?
Do you like karaoke? I love singing too, especially when I go to the shower, it’s the best place to show off your inner singer and no own will ever know about it!
But this game is completely different. You won’t be singing a single word in this game, but instead, you will have to type like you have never typed before. In Typing Karaoke is a super fast paced typing game that requires you to type to the lyrics of your favorite songs. It won’t be easy as the singer sings them at a normal that that you have always heard them on your phone or laptop, which makes this the perfect typing game if you are looking to improve your typing skills. It might be hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will see that the lyrics you type actually change the background on the screen. The faster you can type, the bigger and more beautiful the background will be. Don’t just take my words for it, play the game and see for yourself!
So what do you think? Do you like these games? If you like what you have read, try them out and have some fun! Or you can try top hottest free online games you can play now on Mantigames.