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It was the 3rd day of vacation and the four friends were making the most of their time in the Greek Islands. Feeling young, healthy and beautiful, the girls had accomplished much already, racking up glowing tans under a golden Mediterranean sun, flirting with boys and enjoying fun islands activities. The four girls humorously dubbed themselves the awesome foursome when they became friends' years earlier at rowing practice and the name stuck. Most of the girls had eager boyfriend's back home but it was Alice who received the most attention, due to a fortunate combination of her natural beauty and youthful allure.

Just weeks out of high school, the trip was a reward from the girls' parents for getting good grades in their final exams and to celebrate Alice's 18th Birthday. Everything was booked for them so all the girls had to do was board a plane and have fun. Lorena turned eighteen at the beginning of the year and considered herself the unofficial group leader, since parent's considered her to be the most mature. Lorena had a perfectly tall rowing physique with the straightest strawberry blonde hair imaginable, incredibly attractive good porn.

Today's activity was a hiking trip that explored some ancient Greek ruins on the other side of the small island. The girl's signed up to the tour last night in the resort's beachside bar. The local girl who worked at the resort's front desk came over while they were having drinks and recommended it them. The four friend's, slightly tipsy signed up without hesitation. The local girl's English was poor, but she was very friendly and kind. Yet they never caught her name. A few minutes later after the girl left, Alice blushed as her holiday romance approached and announced he would be driving the girls to the tour and arranged the time to collect them.

In the morning, Alice was first up sorting clothes and making herself look good for Adonis. Ahh Adonis...The attractive young island local who's smile would simply whip the girls into frenzy. Whenever she saw him, she felt an involuntary flush that gave in to a girlish indulgence. The other three girls in the room thought it was hilarious but were also slightly jealous, for it was definitely Alice who was the prized specimen amongst them. Young and virginal, Alice had flawless white skin, the cutest face with matching blonde hair with a perfect and wholesome body. Alice fancied Adonis, and the feeling was reciprocal.

After enough preparing, it was time to leave. The four girls were driven in the hotel jeep along a winding road that snaked its way up the rocky coastal cliffs. On their left, the Ageon sea sparkled blue against the sunny white rock of the island, whilst on their right, lush green Mediterranean Forrest whipped by. Adonis drove them and insisted the girls call him by his preferred nickname, Adon.

Alice pointed out the setting was like something from a post card, while Adon just proudly acknowledged her and grinned, looking very cool in his aviators. The three girls in the open back seat threw their hands up and cheered for their so far amazing holiday. Further ahead were trees where the jeep turned inland, and continued for a few more minutes through the lush greenery till they reached the end of a remote dirt road. Ahead in a clearing, their tour guide was waiting for them. They could see the guide was a tall woman dressed in a white short sleeved shirt along with little khaki shorts and hiking boots. She looked of Greek origin because of her olive coloured skin and dark black hair that was pulled back into a bun. Her dark features made her age incredibly hard to guess. She looked old but young at the same time.

She was sitting on a tree stump and stood to greet the girls with a wave and a smile. The area she was standing in was a small clearing amongst dense green trees, where the road ended. The girls studied their surroundings but noticed there were no visible road signs or other tourists, it looked very remote. They thought it was a popular walking tour of some old Greek ruins, but they were the only people around.

Despite this, the girls excitedly jumped out of the jeep and took in their beautiful surroundings, snapping pictures in awe of the ancient Greek forest. The area looked untouched by man, with no clearings or paths to be seen. The air was still and the girls had a feeling this place was very old.

"Hello girls, my name is Diane". Exclaimed the woman, her accent was unrecognisable.

"Hi, I'm Lorena! This is Samantha, Chloe and Alice" stated Lorena as the group's elder, as she introduced the friendly faced girls to their tour guide.

Diane stared at Alice "It's lovely to meet you... I look forward to showing you all the divine history of this island" Diane declared, mainly focusing her words toward Alice before acknowledging the rest of the group good porn tubes

Lorena thought the focus on Alice was a bit odd, but this tour guide was an exotic European lady and she probably just hadn't seen too many perky white blonde teenagers in her time. She was most probably intrigued, so Lorena quickly dismissed this concern. After all, she was only looking out for the group's youngest and naive member. Alice was not very worldly and still acted very much like the silly teenager she was.

An awkward silence followed the introductions when Diane began giving offensive glances towards Adon, making him feel like he outstayed his welcome or that there was bad blood between them. The girls attempted to avoid the odd tension between the two by looking around, contemplating which way they were headed as there didn't seem to be any trails or paths.

"Okay, I'll be here at 4pm to pick you all up!" said Adon as he shifted gears and hastily reversed, back up the dirt road. He completed a u-turn and sped off back to the coast. He made his exit in a way that almost seemed like he was frightened off by Diane's stare. The girls watched him drive out of sight as they waved goodbye. Alice fretted knowing her island crush wouldn't be joining them.

"So are you girls ready to have a look around" Diane said, acting friendly again and breaking the uneasy silence.

As the girls turned in response, they suddenly noticed a clear forest path lay directly behind where Diane was standing. They seem perplexed.

"I didn't even see that path there before" exclaimed Chloe. The other girls murmured in agreement.

"It wasn't there before was it? It's like it appeared out of nowhere!!" replied Samantha.

Diane just smiled and politely gestured for the girls to follow her down the jungle path. The girls clenched their cameras and water bottles and began their hike along the trail. After a few steps, Lorena looked back and couldn't see the clearing anymore, just dense bush, it was gone. It confused her, like the land was playing tricks on her, but she was with a guide so she wasn't too fussed and decided she should just relax, so she walked on.

The group hiked for about 15 minutes before coming to a stop on a small rocky outcrop that overlooked a stunning vista. There, far below them, drenched in sunlight sparkled a small lagoon surrounded by white rocky cliffs. Further inland from the lagoon, noticeable Greek ruins protruded from the lush green forest shrub. This valley looked majestic, it was an awesome sight to behold.

"Welcome, this is my home" Diane stated proudly.

As she said this, the four friends gasped at the beauty of the scene. They had only ever seen anything like this on instagram or in movies with islands set in tropical locations. Diane revelled at the girl's reactions by giving them warm smiles. She lovingly admired the girl's pretty faces and expressions of wonder and amazement.

"It's beautiful" one of the girls said.

The group sat down on the edge of the rocky overhang that overlooked the small valley and took it all in. The tour guide started explaining the islands history and historical timelines, interestingly she described it in a way that sounded like a first person recount, but this could be easily overlooked as simple language mistakes. But there was something about this woman, something odd and they felt it from their first introductions.

After a short while, the group stood and descended down into valley toward the lagoon. The path seemed barely used. The slope they walked down was crusted with ancient stairs that must have been carved into the rock thousands of years ago. They also took notice of old abandoned trails that lead off into various directions though the shrubbery good hentai porn sites

Diane spoke to the girls as they walked "It is also said, that this island is the birthplace of feminine affection" she said.

The girls giggled under their breaths at their previous jokes about the name of the island Lesbos, but the tour guide wasn't displeased or offended. She just pleasantly smiled and offered the girls more stories.

They reached the lagoon. It was gorgeous, the lightest blue and emerald hues shone brightly through the small ocean's surface to its floor. The water was privately nestled in a cove of high cliffs on either side, giving it absolute privacy. In between, a gap in the rocks formed a tiny inlet where water would rise and fall during high and low tide. It would seem that high tide would bring and capture the ancient waters of the Agean sea, and low tide would liberate it back into the ocean as Diane explained.

"This limnothálassa (lagoon) is wear Sappho herself bathed. Legend has it the waters contain an ancient source of enchantment, that if you wade in deep enough, it instils the allurement of seduction and lust for thilykós (femininity)" claimed Diane.

The girls found this new insight amusing and couldn't help but laugh and giggle at this silly superstition, because magic isn't real, obviously!

"Fancy a swim?" Asked Chloe sarcastically.

"I didn't bring any swimmers... and the water looks amazing, damn it! " answered Samantha.

"I did" announced Alice as she quickly pulled off her top and unbuttoned her shorts, cheekily revealing a white bikini. She removed her Dunlops and the rest of her clothes and ran to the water.

Lorena made a joke about Alice wanting to be a lesbian from her eagerness.

"Haha, but there's no power in the world that could cool her crush on Adon" Chloe remarked.

Diane, didn't say a word, she just stood silently, eyes fixed on Alice, as if she was waiting in anticipation for her to dive in.

Alice dipped her toes in and looked back at her 3 friends and tour guide, it was evident she was the only one taking a swim.

"Go on ómorfi [beautiful], it's okay" said Diane, speaking maternally.

The notion of lesbian transformations and water enchantments evaporated from Alice's mind as she waded forward and dived like a dolphin into the rippling current. She held her breath as she swam though the cool glistening water and finally emerged, taking a breath. She stood at a depth that just touched the base of her breasts.

"Do you feel like a lesbian?" One of the girls shouted.

"No, but the water feels amazing" replied Alice.

She dived in again with arms outstretched and floated relaxingly on the surface, sun beaming down on her pure white skin. The others looked on in jealously and self pity as they all didn't even think about wearing bathers and they couldn't exactly go in water in their underwear in front of a stranger. They signalled for Alice to come back, so they could get this tour over with. The three girls discussed about getting back in time so they could go and swim at the resort beach good amateur porn sites

"Okay, I'm coming back"

Alice stood in chest deep water and turned her back to the ocean to head back to the beach. As she did, what seemed like a cool breeze of the softest whispers caressed the back of her neck, immediately followed by a cold current that surrounded her knees from behind. She closed her eyes and let out a gasping sigh as a strange feeling rose from her knees and spread throughout her body. Her eyes rolled back as her legs gave way. She splashed back into the water. Diane watched on.

"Quit screwing around Alice, come on" shouted Lorena.

Alice regained her footing and returned to the surface. She just stood there for a while looking confused. As she waded back to shore, Diane stepped forward and offered her a white piece of cloth from her pocket to dry herself and gathered her clothes.

"How do you feel, child?" Asked Diane.

"I don't know" replied Alice. "It was so... so..."

She couldn't find the words, as Diane gave her a loving hug. Diane was taller than Alice, and Alice's head rested in Diane's buxom chest. The others watched on in disinterest, mainly because it was hot in the sun and they were getting a little tired, but it was weird.

Alice got dressed and the tour continued up a small hill to the Ancient Greek ruins. As they neared, they could see the Doric structure of marble and old stone that used to form what seemed like a small temple. Most of the walls were still intact but part of the roof had collapsed and was overgrown with green shrub. The slabs had faint renderings of old paintings on them but were difficult to appreciate due to exposure and the slow decay of time.

"This would have been an amazing place, in its day" stated Samantha.

Diane explained that this temple was used for Sapphic rituals and that no man has ever entered this place. She explained that daughters of kings and runaway slaves would bath together in the lagoon and return to this feminine temple where the two would sensually and intimately perform erotic acts to one another while the temple nymphs would watch and support them.

Lorena was starting to get a bit over this whole lesbian thing, but she could see Alice quite charmed by it and was clearly adoring Diane's stories. The girls wandered around the ruins by themselves for a little while longer while Diane and Alice stayed close to one another, conversing softly.

Lorena caught up to Samantha and Chloe and suggested they should ask Diane to start wrapping up the tour, particularly because they weren't really learning anything of importance and she didn't like the strange influence Diane had on Alice. They approached Diane and kindly suggested that they'd like to head back to their hotel as it must be getting late.

"Of course, my child" replied Diane.

This women was weird in her own way, she was lovely and very friendly but just seemed a bit crazy. There was this mystery about her that none of the four girls could place. She seemed old but looked young, possible mid forties? And her new best friend was Alice. The two became inseparable as the group traversed back up the hill in the same direction they came. They reached the overlook, took one final look and said their farewells to this once paradise on earth. They started back on the path out, leaving the picturesque valley below alone in time, once more.

They reached the clearing where they had been dropped off and said their goodbyes and thanked Diane. They offered her cash for payment but she refused.

"No no, the pleasure of showing you beautiful young maidens my home is reward enough" Diane kindly stated.

Lorena, Samantha and Chloe began walking up the path which led back to the coast. Eventually they would run into Adon on his way to collect them. After several steps they turned around to wait for Alice who was still speaking to Diane.

Diane was leaning down at eye level with Alice and speaking intently to her. They spoke while the others waited. Finally, after a couple of minutes the two embraced in an intimate and emotional hug and Alice slowly dragged her feet towards her friends.

"We're not keeping you from your best friend are we?" Said Lorena sarcastically.

Alice was silent as she walked over to her friends. She looked back with a teary smile at Diane who waved at her like a proud mother. The four walked up the road, a bit surprised at how the day turned out. Alice perpetually looked back to Diane who was still standing there tall and elegant. A few moments later they heard the engine of the jeep and saw Adon driving towards them from the coast. Lorena looked back and Diane was gone.

That night:

Later that night after the girls had their swim at the beach and a light dinner with drinks at the beach cafe, they returned to their room in the hostel and jokingly reflecting on how weird the tour was, particularly regarding all the lesbian references.

"Lez be friends Alice... Ha ha ha" said Chloe.

The girls laughed and joked at the poor girl's expense, typical teenage banter.

However, Alice didn't appreciate the jokes about Diane. "Well that place is beautiful and so is Diane, you shouldn't be so mean to her after she spent today showing you her devoted affection of this island" Alice retorted.

"Sorry Alice, I didn't mean to offend!" Chloe replied freexxxcams

"It's okay, I know deep down you don't mean it" Alice said.

Later, in the four bed shared room, Alice was in a much better mood, but she sat by the window staring longingly out into the night. She looked in the direction of the lagoon which she now imagined would be covered with velvet moonlight. The only thing that broke Alice's concentration would be catching glimpses of her attractive roommates pondering around.

"I love all of you" said Alice out of nowhere. "I feel so light and happy"

Alice had been drinking cocktails earlier and the other three girls decided this was an after effect.

The door knocked.

Lorena opened it to find Adon, standing there, dripping with handsomeness holding a pretty island flower in his hand, Hollywood style.

"Alice, someone to see you" Lorena swooned back to the room.

Alice approached the door, nonchalantly and plainly greeted Adon.

Adon was beaming and charmingly asked if Alice would like to go for a walk now that his shift was over.

Seeming very disinterested, Alice looked straight through him then responded with a vacant "no thanks" and began closing the door in his face. It was almost as if he didn't exist in her eye. The rest of the girls were dumbfounded.

"Ummm are you serious? That was pretty rude Alice! I thought you liked him? Lorena questioned, infuriated by what just happened.

"Who? Alice asked confusingly.

"Adonis stupid, you two have been hitting it off since you got here, he's so into you and you were totally into him!, what happened? Lorena asked.

Alice just shrugged and moved back to her position by the window in silence. There was now an awkward tension in the room and Lorena was clearly not happy about the rude dismissal of Adon, particularly because he had been so nice to the girls, giving them free drinks and driving them places since they first arrived.

Lorena quietly told Samantha and Chloe that she was going to look for Adon to apologise and explain to him that her friend had been acting weird. Alice just sat by the window staring out to that special lagoon and didn't seem to care that Lorena had gone to find him.

The other two girls were tired and a bit over the whole situation so they decided to just prepare themselves for bed. Chloe went to the bathroom for a shower while Samantha retrieved her pyjama shorts and tank top from her suitcase and began to get undressed. The group were pretty used to changing in front of one another at the school gym, so Samantha didn't mind that Alice was still in the room. Samantha stripped down to her grey sweaty underwear, still dusty from the day's hike. She stood there in her skimpy bra and panties and sorted through her clothes, like any other time.